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Obituary of Richard A Eisenbarth

Richard Arlen "Dick" Eisenbarth, 82 of Weiser, Idaho passed away peacefully on October 21st, 2020 after a brave fight against liver cancer. The Compassionate Visit was not granted until the last minute due to the pandemic. My niece & I could not travel there in time when it was evident his passing was near. I called & asked family friend, Kenet Wilson Haun to be by his side. Kenet was in my sister, Lisa's class in school & really a best buddy to Dad over the years, especially after Mom passed. There are no words good enough to express the love and gratitude my family & I feel for her. I know there really are angels on this earth. Kenet is one of them. Richard was born on March 4th, 1938 and raised in Weiser by his parents, Fred & Christina Eisenbarth. He & his brothers helped and worked on his parent's large farm on Sunnyside outside of town. My Dad was somewhat of a handful when he was young, as my Aunt Lou informed me, being 3rd to the youngest from a family of one daughter first and then 10 sons. Everyone who knew Dick liked his easy going ways, his jokes & teasing. Dick retired in 2004 from Newmont Gold Co. outside of Elko, NV after a long career with them as a Millwright. Mom & Dad returned to the same house I lived in as a junior /senior in high school. Dad worked in Nevada from the mid 1970s at various mines & even in the construction of the huge Valmy Power Plant outside of Battle Mountain, NV. Dick was an avid fisherman and hunter. I really thought Dad was 'the fish whisperer' because he rarely if ever did not catch his limit. I recall one of his secrets involved Velveeta cheese. His fishing buddies would kid him about it until they would check in with him & see he had caught a bunch of fish. They would ask him, "you are putting something inside of that cheese, aren't you?" and he would always say "that's for me to know and you to just dream about." My Mom loved going out with him but she was not really into fishing. She was fishing with me and sisters, Lisa & Julie from the bank of Wildhorse Reservoir. Mom said, "Maybe the fish are biting on croissants?" I looked over and her hook was just laying there near the bank with a 1/2 croissant on it. We all burst out in laughter. Mom could be just as funny as Dad. My parents were married 53 years. They were both born in Weiser, ID in March 1938, just two days apart. I think they liked each other most of their lives. Growing up in the same small town, one cannot help but know just about everyone. My mother, Frances Kay Jones was a small town girl and a brown-eyed beauty. My Dad was crazy about her. Not long before he passed he told me again, she was the only woman he ever loved. Just the thought of them being together gives me & my family peace in our hearts. My Dad referred to my mother as "Miss Fran" after she passed. What is not commonly known is when they were very young, I believe 13 and not dating. He called out to her using her first name. With her hands on her hips, she walked up and stated "It is Miss Fran to you, Dick Eisenbarth!" My mother was the only one my Dad would 'mind, so to speak' and of course, his mother who he adored. Our Dad told me and my sisters, Lisa & Julie that we all had to mind Mama and mind our manners because she ruled supreme at our house one time after he had gotten himself in the dog house with her for one thing or another. My parents were really good dancers and would often dance together at home when I was little. In my 20's I lived near my parents in Winnemucca, NV. I would join them out at The Gem Club listening to a C&W band play. Dad would take me out on the floor and two step with me. He was a smooth dancer. My sisters, Lisa and Julie would visit often wherever we all lived. I always seemed to live where my folks lived. My husband, David & I lived 5 blocks from my parents in Carlin, NV for 14 years until they retired. They had good friends in Carlin & so did we. Mom would often take Lisa, Julie and I out along with whoever else was visiting, to The Stockmen's Hotel & Casino in Elko, NV in the afternoon. We all liked their chicken strip baskets. Mom would play Keno tickets while we sat in the comfy booths. I forget the prize levels but she would often win over $700 dollars. My Dad, sisters & I would just laugh at how lucky Mom was. She would always get her & Dad new clothes and stuff for her girls & granddaughter, Rachel. Back to Dad's fishing. I told you he would always catch his limit. Mom and Dad had this special dry batter mix to coat the fish in. They would invite friends & family over for a fish fry. Those were some good eating times from the time I was a kid well into my late 40's. Our parents also had a special way of putting chunks of fish up in jars. Dad would make a fish dip for crackers that was so yummy. Dad was a joker and teaser all of his life. Our whole family & friends who knew him can attest to this. When a new person was in the group, Mom would tell them 'do not believe the first 5 words out of his mouth' because he was drawing them in to pull their leg as part of his jokes. I do not know where he would come up with all of them. If me or my sisters needed cheering up in any way, we would call up our Dad and say "Tell me a joke, Dad. I need to laugh." Dad never missed a beat & started telling one. We will all miss that very much. And his fishing & hunting stories. Our father loved Nevada as he lived there for over 30+ years. So did I. Dad took his family on many fishing trips there. Dick had wonderful friends & co-workers from Elko County, Nevada. Dad had an intense love for his hometown & especially his home, State of Idaho, where we as a 6 generation Idaho family are all from. I gifted him with a subscription to Idaho Magazine. He just loved it so much. Dad would read the stories and look at the photos in each issue & remember good times with his Dad, brothers and friends. Dad loved his parents, brothers and sister, Louella very much. He loved his wife and kids more than anything. Dad loved all of his friends, especially his best buddies in high school, Mike Wadley, Tom Ginther & Eddie Hill, members of The Haun Family. especially the late Stu Haun, the late Ole & Phennie Olson, the late Fabian Pavelek, the late Reggie Lang, Bud Hurd, Mike Pulsipher & Allan Kowis and many others. Every holiday, The Eisenbarth Family would gather at Grandpa Fred & Grandma Christina's house for the best food in the world. Long tables were set up in the garage so all of the grandkids had a seat. After the meals, the men would set up card tables & play Pinochle & Cribbage. Mom, Grandma and all of our Aunts did not play cards. They would clean up and make coffee, & talk. It was a large undertaking. I had a total of 36 first cousins on my Dad's side of the family. Aunts, Uncles, many times our Great Uncles and Aunts would be there as well. The grand kids would play and goof around until it was dessert time. I remember my Uncle Tom and I sitting down to a slice of Grandma's pie. I would just sit there eating and grinning. My Uncle Tom would smile and say 'Grandma's pie is the best thing this side of heaven.' Dad's favorite pie was Apricot Cream. Memories of our Grandma Christina and her cooking is part of all of us forever. My Dad would go see his Mom on his trips home from Nevada while I was in high school. She would bake him 6 pies & even had boxes for them. I would say, "Gee Dad, Are you going to share with your co-workers?" He would say "Heck no, these are from my mother." Richard AKA "Dick" is survived by his brothers, Jim, Ken and Fred Jr. He was preceded in death by sister, Louella and brothers Robert, Gilbert, Raymond, Dale, Dwayne & Thomas. Dick's lovely wife of 53 years, Fran, daughter, Lisa Kay, son-in-law, David Ringgold & son-in-law, Mark Robinson. Our Dad, Grandpa & Great Grandpa leaves behind daughter, Loriann, daughter Julie Lynn, granddaughters, Rachel and Kalee. Also great granddaughter, Addi. And oodles of nieces & nephews he dearly loved. By Dad's request, there will be no funeral service. In these difficult times, if you want to remember him with a kind act, give to your local food bank. Our family charity is the Idaho Foodbank at or call (208) 336-9643. You can give in Loving Memory of Richard Eisenbarth & they will send a card telling the family 'a generous donation was given in his memory.' Cards may be sent to The Family of Richard A. Eisenbarth at 1325 W. 7th St. Weiser, ID 83672. The amount you give is never listed. People are having a tough time in the middle of this pandemic. Dad was always generous to everyone. Especially those in need. We do not say 'Goodbye to Dad and Grandpa' just so long for now. We know where he is, by his own shared beliefs in God with our Aunt Dee in the last month of his life, which is a gift I will treasure for the rest of my life. Rest In Peace, Daddy & Grandpa. Love and take care of Mom, Lisa Kay, David, Mark and all of our family. Reunited with all his loved ones again ~ Oh Joy...Love Loriann, Julie, Rachel, Kalee & Addi

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